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Push notifications - Pushed to your device from efservers.com - These will be received as long as the app or your browser is 'allowed to run in the background' even if the app/site has been closed. Click the icon to subscribe/unsubscribe In windows - click the join button on the notification to join the fun (Webconnector script needs to be installed)

The web-connector allows you to join servers directly from the server list and notification pop-ups. Once downloaded and placed in the game installation folder (and run once), you can then directly join the selected server from efservers.com! - Just by clicking the 'JOIN' button overlayed on the desired server.

The server browser is updated every 5 seconds by scanning servers that have been reported to all known master-servers recently, additional servers are sourced from game-tracker and an internal list of servers. Every server that has been seen is added to this internal list, which means that if a server is no longer reporting to a master-server or game-tracker, or if any (or all) of the master-servers fail, any previously seen server using the same IP and port will still be visible here if it's on-line. Due to the multiple sources, chances are, more servers are visible here than in the in-game server list.

Join the EF Google Hangouts group - Chat with other players

Join The EF Discord server - Chat with other players / in-game voice chat with server rooms