How to connect to a game server directly from this website

In order to be be able to join a game server in Elite Force by simply clicking the button that's overlayed on each server shown on the main server page, you will need to add a small script file to your game installation folder.

Download or construct your own web connector script

As running unknown software is too much of a risk for some, and in the interest of transparency, below is the entire code needed to allow this website to launch Elite Force and connect to the chosen server.

You can or create your own batch file by copying the code shown below and pasting it into a text editor (such as notepad) and saving it as "EFwebConnector.bat" (use quotes when saving, to ensure '.txt' isn't appended to the filename)


After or contructing your own:
Place the batch file (EFwebConnector.bat) in your Elite Force installation folder (where your Elite Force executible resides) and run it once. That's it!

The batch file needs to stay in this folder. The default installation folder is c:\Program Files (x86)\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
The batch script is designed for Microsoft Windows.
If you are a Linux user, you can view and download the equivalent scripts on GitHub, with thanks from EF Bob.

The code

Condensed Code

This is a more compact version of the code to see how simple and safe it is.
If you use this version and you don't want to use stvoyhm.exe, specify the game executable on the second line: (The part after SET EF_EXE=%~dp0)
eg: SET EF_EXE=%~dp0ioEF-cMod.x86_64.exe if you're using the cMod version of Elite Force.